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We'd like to remind you that you can get regular updates about what's happening at Evans through our official Instagram account! Follow evans_iec using your Instagram account or visit https://www.instagram.com/evans_iec/ to see announcements and events quickly and easily.... Read more


Students at the Library for the reading program

Reading Renaissance Program

This term, Evans High School and IEC students are participating in the Reading Renaissance program, which was designed to encourage and improve students' reading skills. The program assesses students reading abilities and allows them to choose books from the library that are appropriate to their reading level and age, which will further develop their interest in reading. Students will be given some time every day to read their books during class. Students are looking forward to reading interesting stories and learning amazing facts!... Read more

Earth Hour 24 March

Earth Hour

Tomorrow Saturday the 24th of March is Earth hour. During Earth Hour, we are asking everyone to turn off their lights for one hour between 830 and 930 pm to show their commitment to reversing climate change and protecting Earth. For the next three years, WWF's Earth Hour will be working with the United Nations to help raise awareness about the loss of biodiversity due to climate change. Evans Green Team asks that you help support this cause as we continue to look at how we as a school can improve our recycling programs, save power and engage... Read more

Pi Day on oval

Pi Day

This year on March 13 (3.14), students at Evans High School and IEC took part in activities that celebrated Pi Day. Students calculated the radius and circumference of various objects, discussed the importance of Mathematics in our daily lives, its usefulness in various workplaces and displayed the first 400 symbols of Pi while forming the Pi symbol on our oval.... Read more

Evans Presentation Night 2017

Presentation Night

This year, many IEC students were recognized for outstanding academic achievement during the Evans High School's Presentation Night. IEC students also performed a musical number for the audience. Congratulations to all the students who received an award, and thank you to all the performers!... Read more


Merit Assembly, Literacy Awards and the Leavers' Assembly

The last week of Term 3 was very busy for the students and staff in the IEC. Students attended the Merit Assembly in which many of our students gained bronze awards for their academic achievements. Those students should be very proud of their efforts throughout their time in the IEC. Those students who left the IEC last term attended the Leavers' Assembly where they were acknowledged for their hard work and completion of their courses. Additionally, students who achieved fantastic results in the IEC Literacy Foundation Tests were recognised at... Read more

Front Cover

Magazine 2016

Have a read of our 2016 IEC Magazine. You can find your peers, their fantastic work as well as your teachers and all of the wonderful events that happened at Evans throughout 2016! IEC 2016 Magazine (pdf 4570 KB)... Read more


Belvoir Street Theatre

This week the students went to Belvoir Street Theatre to watch a performance of The Drover's Wife by Henry Lawson. It was a fantastic performance and some of the students said it was the best performance they've ever seen. Students gained some great theatre skills and enjoyed seeing live performance as well as meeting the actors.... Read more


Our new SRC member

Congratulations to Qasim Rashidi on gaining the position of SRC member for term 4. He is an excellent student, a good role model and we look forward to seeing him around the school. He will join the other 6 IEC SRC members in improving the school and taking on leadership positions. Congratulations Qasim.... Read more


Prefect Elections

In term 3, the IEC held prefect elections. Six members from the SBC class addressed the IEC and explained why they would make worthy representatives. Congratulations to Jenny Boonmee and Carol Pinono on their nomination and success in gaining the position of 2016 prefects. We look forward to seeing much more of you around the school and continuing to be role models.... Read more


Meet the Teachers Afternoon

In term 3, we held another successful Meet the Teachers Afternoon. It was a huge turn out and it was fantastic to see so many parents and carers attending. Meet the Teachers Afternoon is a great way for parents and carers to meet with their child's teachers and talk about their progress. Our SRC members did a wonderful job of guiding and organising and represented the IEC beautifully.... Read more


Football United

This term, Evans IEC students participated in Football United once again. Every Thursday during periods one and two, the senior IEC students learn how to work in a team as well as make some new friends and gain some football skills. Football United creates chances for students in Australia and also Myanmar through coaching, guiding and working with students from a range of backgrounds. Those students who are involved in Football United have a varied set of football skills. Some have never played before, some have played in their countries in... Read more


Sydney Theatre Company Excursion

Last week CS2X went to see a play at the Sydney Theatre Company called The Hanging. For most of these students, it was the first play they saw. The students caught the train into Circular Quay and walked through The Rocks. They saw some iconic places they hadn't seen before and took photos of Sydney's landscape. When the students arrived at STC they mingled with students from other schools and ate their lunch on the deck with a close-up view of the Harbour Bridge. The students were ushered into theatre and the play began at 11:30am. The... Read more


Student Teachers

Over the four week, the IEC have been lucky enough to have student teachers come from different universities to help out in the classroom, gain some more teaching experience and spend time with our wonderful students. Miss Gauci and Ms Zaki are two of our students teachers from Sydney University and have been working with 2L on poetry and speeches. They have been teaching CS2X about settlement in Australia and they are working with SBC on how to read opinion texts on Facebook. They have also participated in Zumba and Drama classes. The... Read more

Claire and Hannah

Evans Book Week

This week, Evans IEC students were involved in Book Week. The students' task was to write a book in a day. They had from 8am to 8pm to complete the book. Students were divided into groups and assigned tasks. One group had the job of writing, another group were editing and the third group were illustrating. The students work tirelessly together under the guidance of Ms Rogers and successfully completed the book. Spoiler: Dragons, magic and morphing all appear in the novel. Well done students, we can't wait to read the book. Hannah Han and... Read more

SBC Debating

SBC Debates Marriage Equality

This week SBC participated in a debate on the issue of the legalisation of same-sex marriage in Australia. They spoke persuasively and transformed their expositions into well-delivered speeches for the rest of their class. Mr Murphy who acted as adjudicator was impressed with their efforts and was able to provide each student with useful feedback. The students learned how to rebut, note-take and work in a team. Well done SBC.... Read more


Newly Elected SRC

Congratulations to Gerry Wang who was elected to represent CS2X on the SRC this year. He joins his fellow SRC peers from the IEC who are already doing a wonderful job.... Read more


The Run Beyond Project

At beginning of 2016 I ran in the Evans High School Cross Country race and came second in my race. Ms Shannon gave me a note to join the Run Beyond Project. The Run Beyond Project is a program where you run, goal-set, build resilience and learn to commit time and energy into something important. The first training session was 2.7 kilometres. I ran with three girls from the high school and it was pretty fun. We ran during holidays, on weekends and through term time. I could feel my body getting stronger. In the holidays we went to Running... Read more

Kids in library

Our Library

Have you spent much time in our library? If not, you should go and check it out. In the library there is a wide range of fiction and non-fiction on display that any student can borrow at any time. There is a variety of books for all different ages and abilities, as well as a quick-read section if you want to read something on the bus to and from school. In addition to all of the wonderful books we also have a range of technology; chromebooks, iPads, laptops and computers. Students are free to use the computers during recess and lunchtime as... Read more


Newly Elected SRC

Congratulations to the newly elected students who have been chosen to represent the IEC on the Evans SRC. Yasir Sadeq, Ivan Yu and Sogar Saburi are joining Carol Pinono, Daniel Drio and Juliana Valencia Valez this term. Each of these students have shown the appropriate CPR behaviour that is required of an SRC member. Congratulations to our newest members and we look forward to seeing more of the team this term.... Read more

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